Gem Wizard

Gem Wizrd


Seba Welcomes You! Gem Wizard is an amazing new match 3 game! Match 3 gems of the same color in an exciting 60 second blitz. Use the simple match 3 crafting system to craft your loot and create mighty weapons and high level mystical gems. Learn gem magic from Seba the Master Wizard and compete with your friends to become to greatest wizard in the land!


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  • Pixelmatic Launches Match-3 RPG Game Gem Wizard on iOS and Android

    March 10, 2014

    Pixelmatic today announced the worldwide simultaneous launch of Gem Wizard for iOS and Android devices. Gem Wizard is available in nine different languages including: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese. Gem Wizard is a new match-3 title that uniquely combines blitz gem popping gameplay with RPG item collection and crafting mechanics. In Gem Wizard, players can send free gifts and compete with their friends in a Weekly Battle tournament. Players are rewarded with gems and materials after each game, which can be combined through a simple match-3 crafting system to create mighty weapons and

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  • Bite-sized Gameplay

    Match 3 gems of the same color in an exciting 60 second blitz!

  • Item Collection

    A chance to earn gems, materials, and items after every game!

  • Challenge Friends

    Compete with your friends for a chance to win medals in the Weekly Battle!

  • Item Crafting

    Use the simple match 3 crafting system to create your own Master Gems and Epic Weapons!

  • Unique Weapons

    Collect unique weapons with mighty bonuses and show them off to your friends!

  • Magic Customization

    Specialize your magic by collecting 5 unique types of gems: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Mind. Socket your gems to use magical powers!

  • Help Friends

    Send gifts of energy, gems, and materials to your friends to help them in their quest to be a great wizard!

  • Daily Rewards

    Open free Treasure Chests every day for a chance at getting great items!